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Nutrition & Wellness Solutions You Can Trust

Providing entrepreneurs in the nutrition & wellness industry with

solutions and resources they need to thrive


Here to help you realize & achieve your goals

Our process is to first evaluate foundational requirements in the nutritional industry and seek out ways to improve upon established practices and procedures.
In this respect, we aim to connect key resources directly to those who are need for. Serving our clients and partners with resources in raw material, research and development, supply chain management as well as capital resources. 

We believe that collaboration is most fruitful when it's a symbiotic relationship, benefiting both parties involved. Just as we meticulously assess industry needs, we are equally discerning in selecting our collaborators. We view this process as a two-way street – a journey where compatibility, shared values, and mutual goals pave the way for success. Our selectivity ensures that we work with partners who align with our commitment to quality, innovation, and ethical practices.


Quality & reliability you can trust

NRG has established key relationships for purposes of sourcing and distributing unique ingredients for use in supplementation.  Among its portfolio, NRG offers mass and branded ingredients derived from Asia Pacific for sale and distribution in North America in addition to the sale of unique mass and branded ingredients derived from North America and Europe for sale and distribution into Asia Pacific.


Protrition Labs

Introducing Protrition, a top brand in global partnerships, crafting diverse products with seamless collaboration. By collaborating seamlessly with a range of manufacturers, ingredient companies, and brands, we assemble a varied product portfolio that mirrors our dedication to excellence in brand management and manufacturing processes. We redefine success through collaborative excellence and innovation.



Visionary Ventures

Visionary Ventures, a branch of NRG, specializes in identifying growth prospects within the nutraceutical industry through capital infusion or strategic alliances. We pinpoint new and underperforming opportunities, serving as co-development partners to bring these opportunities to fruition. Known for our ability to align with the right partners, Visionary Ventures Group maximizes potential in the nutraceutical space.

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